EDGE is a fun, safe place for middle-schoolers to spend time with their Catholic friends.  During EDGE, the middle-schoolers get answers to their unanswered questions about their Catholic faith, have the opportunity to experience Jesus Christ in a profound, personal way, and feel like they are important to everyone else in the parish.

Parents love that EDGE gives middle-schoolers a chance to build strong Catholic friendships before they enter high school. We provide talking points via email or in a flyer after every Edge Experience. Now parents can talk the EDGE Experience further in a conversation on the drive home. The children will be provided Catholic role models on the Core Team who reinforce what is already being taught within the home.

EDGE understands the physical, psychological, cognitive, relational, and spiritual maturation of middle school youth and youth who are involved in Edge in middle school are more likely to get involved through all four years of Life Teen in high school.

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